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New Moon or Full Moon Private Ceremony

Want to have a new moon or full moon ceremony for you and your friends?

  • 2 hr
  • 499 US dollars
  • Dallas

Service Description

Want to have a private new moon or full moon ceremony for you and your friends? Lets do it! Here's what you need to know: Each ceremony provides 2 crystal bowl sound meditations, grounding with tuning forks, and a gift for each participant. This ceremony can be done with up to 10 people in the party. What's the difference between New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies? Full Moon Ceremonies: Letting go of energies that no longer serve our well-being can be challenging yet essential for personal growth. This unique ceremony provides the necessary confidence and support to take this crucial next step, creating space for new blessings to unfold. A profound ritual, it symbolizes releasing everything hindering our journey, allowing us to stride purposefully on our path. New Moon Ceremonies: Experience a profound ritual dedicated to new beginnings and the promise of a fresh start. Together, we'll engage in gratitude journaling, manifesting our aspirations on paper. The ceremony continues with an herb ritual, carefully selecting herbs aligned with our desires. A symbolic release of these herbs becomes an offering to the universe, marking a powerful and intentional step toward the manifestation of our dreams. Every twist and turn in your journey has led you to this moment for a reason. Your angels guide you to this ceremony, a transformative space where healing and progress await. The choice is yours. Even though the magic and energy is stronger on the night of the new or full moon, these ceremonies can be done at any time when needed. What to bring: A journal, a meditation pillow or cushion to sit on, and your great intention to leave the past behind you and move forward into a new chapter on your journey. **Schedule arrangements are tailored to suit both our availabilities, so the listed schedule is a mere placeholder. Please choose a tentative time and date that aligns with your preferences, and I will confirm all the details through email once your request is received. Rest assured, we'll coordinate to find the perfect timing for your session. The specific location will be decided during our conversation. With numerous available locations throughout DFW, we'll choose a setting based on your proximity. Your ease and accessibility are of utmost importance, ensuring the session is held at a venue that suits your convenience within the DFW area.

Contact Details

  • Dallas, TX, USA

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