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Hi! My name is Lital! Herbalist, lightworker, reiki practitioner, sound healing facilitator and creator of moonlightREMEDIES.

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I founded my company during a personal struggle with anxiety and persistent headaches. Turning away from prescription medications, I delved into the healing benefits of essential oils, finding a healthier alternative. Realizing others might be in a similar position, I felt compelled to share.

After my return from incredible volunteer work focused on wildlife conservation in South Africa and Sea Turtle conservation in Sri Lanka, I felt a compelling need to take action. And this was when moonlightREMEDIES was born, fueled by the transformative power of essential oils for profound healing. Over time, I have expanded my list of products and services dedicated to guiding individuals on their unique paths to wellness.

Because in the realm of healing, I embrace the belief that personalized and tailored approaches are best to meet every individual’s needs.

So welcome to this amazing world of herbs, oils, crystals, and sound.

How can I help you find the right products or service for you?

At moonlightREMEDIES, I guarantee that every single purchase you make will be a seamless process from start to finish. Take a look at the site and please get in touch with questions. 


My mission is to make a meaningful contribution to a better world. I believe this journey begins with each individual pursuing their healing work, cultivating a collective state of harmony that unites us in joy and love bringing people together for the greater good. Together, we can create a more connected and compassionate global community.

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My business is founded on core principles that prioritize ensuring every individual feels embraced and supported throughout their journey. This commitment stems from a foundation of unwavering honesty, integrity, and a sincere desire to positively impact each person's life. My ultimate goal is to contribute to their overall well-being, fostering harmony in mind, body, and spirit.

Rooted in my core are values that define my essence: freedom, integrity, gratitude, and well-being. These principles extend seamlessly into my business, shaping its very fabric. Every interaction with me is infused with the authenticity of these values, reflecting a commitment to genuine connections and a purpose-driven approach.

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