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Intention Mystery Boxes Are Here!!

Each box has a value of OVER $100!!

These boxes are intentionally curated to ensure they go to whoever they are supposed to. Know that when purchasing one of these boxes, you will receive all items that the universe believes will help you along your journey.

Just like a crystal chooses you, these boxes choose you as well.

These will include 4-6 items from this list below:

▪️ Rough Crystal

▪️ Essential Oil Roller

▪️ Energy Cleansing & Manifestation Spray

▪️ Hand Made Crystal Necklace

▪️ Hand Made Crystal Pendulum

▪️ Hand Made Crystal Earrings

▪️ Selenite Wand

▪️ Organic Sage

▪️ Organic Sage & Cinnamon

▪️ Organic Palo Santo

▪️ Crystal Prescription

▪️ Crystal Palm Stone

Get yours today!!! And if you have any questions, please let me know in the chat or through email.

Intention Mystery Boxes